How does it work

n3t Cookie Consent blocks javascript function to set Cookies. This means, if any script on your site (such as Google Analytics script, Google Tag Manager, Facebook remarketing scripts, Google Ads scripts and generally any other) tries to set Cookie, it is blocked. But not really blocked, it is just not written to disk.

This means those scripts will work as expected, but will not store the tracking cookies. In other words, they will not be able to track the user between clicks on your pages.

The n3t Cookie Consent script is loaded in such way, that it can block all scripts on site, even those written directly to template, or added in template settings. There is no need to modify any of those scripts, everything works automatically.

To users nice informational dialog is displayed, they can choose to Accept / Reject settings, or view detailed settings to choose specific categories they accept.

Consent dialog

Settings dialog