Multi domain setup

If you want to share users Cookie Consent between multiple domains (like / or / you have two options:


If you need to share cookie consent between subdomains (like,, etc.), you just need to specify Cookie domain (and Cookie path, if necessary) in advanced settings.

In such case, you just need to specify for which domain the cookie should be valid. So for example value of will cover all subdomains of domain, including for example,, or

This doesn't need to be done, if you set this already in global Joomla configuration.

Multiple domains

If you use multiple domains (like,, etc.) you need to specify all of these domains in Multiple domains field in advanced settings.

Multiple domains

Note that this setup will work ONLY if all of specified domains are running on secure https:// protocol.


In both cases on all involved domains has to be of course installed n3t Cookie Consent, with completely same setup. If you use some multi domain plugin (like n3t Language domains for example), you don't need to care, as all domains are running on same Joomla instance (database), so you have installed just one instance of plugin.

If you share Cookie Consent between multiple Joomla instances, you can use Export / Import function to share the settings.